Opening Ceremonies

Unforgettable and glorious moments.


'This is our story'

We imagine it and it came true… We reflected the emotions of a big family on the future with ghost screen. This deep story from roots to the skies has turned into a post-epic feast with our digital creativity that makes a difference.


TEB, scala mice

Antalya, 2020

What We Did:

Concept & Content Development

Art Direction

Motion Design

Greenbox & Gauze Screen Production

Hundreds of repetitive polygons were used for parametric tree design, creating a new ambiance each time. The live performance of the musicians turned into the wind shaking the branches of the tree.

teb web gorsel 5

The leaves glistened with the expressions of the voiceover.

teb web gorsel 15
teb web gorsel 1

Content development, sound and light synchronous choreography, stage design, technical project management…

teb web gorsel 4
teb web gorsel 2
teb web gorsel 1
teb web gorsel 7
teb web gorsel 3
teb web gorsel 14
teb web gorsel 12
teb web gorsel 9
TEB Executives Summit “This Is Our Story”.