Opening Ceremonies

Unforgettable and glorious moments.


'We told the story of Denizbank’s 20-year history with a stunning performance combining technology and art'

In the project, 20×9 ghost screen, 22x8mm LED, 18×8 shadow screen and 2x 22×9 blackout screen were used. The movement and timing of the screens was meticulously planned and executed perfectly along the entire production.

The 12-person Dance Teamfrom Jem Music Group performed the live Shadow Dance brilliantly.


DENIZBANK, jules verne

İstanbul, 2017

What We Did:


Content Development

Gauze screen & Performing Arts

Architectural Mapping

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Lidar Laser scanning was done at the event venue to create 3D geometry and all production was produced with side-acoustical panels as a whole.

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In total, 26x20K Christie projection was used for the sides and for the gauze screen and 1x 26K was used for the Barco shadow screen. One dancer made a live performance with two different costumes, with special apparatus she flew in the air.