We Take Greenbox Technology To The Next Level!

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We offer high-end GreenBOX production for digitized events which are completely offline or contain some parts that will not be broadcast live. One such event that we held using GreenBOX technology was the QNB Finansbank 2021 Commercial Banking Strategy Meeting.

QNB Finansbank decided to use our GreenBOX service as it renders a fast, practical, cost-effective, immersive, and operative presentation technique. Also, its technology is adaptable to the needs and demands of the customers, making it one of the best ones in the industry. Compared to Extended Reality productions, GreenBOX provides quicker results with relatively lower costs and studio expenses. 

It also introduces a mobile production option that allows for spatial independence from a physical studio and the usage of alternative venues, which is an invaluable asset of our technology considering the need to comply with pandemic conditions in the production settings. GreenBOX, furthermore, accommodates various scalable quality segments without compromising image quality thanks to the advanced technology that it boasts.

How Do We Use GreenBOX? 

The first step is to make a recording in the GreenBOX studio or another venue with mobile green screen (chromakey) technology using a green background for production. Following is the post-production stage, where the speaker and other personae are separated from the green background to integrate the desired media into the production design.

GreenBOX production at this stage undergoes a video enhancement process to attain the best quality of colors, lighting, shadows, etc. Finally, the end product of GreenBOX is completed by adding content-related presentation tools such as Basic Graphics, Augmented Reality Graphics, 2D-3D Animations, VFX Technologies, picture-in-picture technology, and the like. 

These are also subsequently enriched through advanced visual effects as if the whole GreenBOX production were a motion picture or video clip. We adopted this process in the QNB Finansbank 2021 Commercial Marketing Strategy Meeting, which was successfully completed using picture-in-picture technology and with no shifting problems.

To sum up the whole process, after the briefing on the content provided and developing a concept around it, design processes began and led to the simultaneous in-person production in the GreenBOX studio, where the footage was developed through VFX technology. Then AR graphics were implemented in the post-production process, where a real studio environment was created. What followed eventually was a final polishing through the enhancement and integration technologies. And these enhancement and integration processes include but are not limited to: additions of the final image and sound effects, AR graphics, internal screens, and charts.

Advanced Decor Usage And Designs

Our GreenBOX productions make use of advanced technology to facilitate and enrich the whole production process as well as the end product itself. To illustrate, our cutting-edge GreenBOX technology involves timecode usage, which sustains continuity in production by helping us avoid unnecessary repeat sessions while recording. 

Similarly, our storyboard planning enables smooth recording sessions as the speakers are immersed into the GreenBOX setting and at ease with the camera angles, thereby enhancing their overall performance.

Throughout these processes, the director assistants in the studio manually check motion, camera angle, and text continuity to ensure a product that is as flawless as possible. Thanks to the attention to detail work of our team, QNB Finansbank speakers were able to give much more natural and effective speeches without any need for repetitions.

Basic Editing and Complex Editing In Greenbox

To start with, basic editing essentially involves the virtual transportation of the speaker from the GreenBOX studio into the desired setting. The focal point is located at the centre, where the speaker usually stands, of this desired setting and it is enriched with peripheral screens popping up around it. Hence, the basic editing option in GreenBOX offers a compact yet efficient approach where a variety of themes can be intertwined in the same scene.

The complex editing, on the other hand, provides complex details, enhanced object, and decor usage as well as motion technology. In the QNB Finansbank project, for instance, we used this mode of editing which enabled us to include complex objects and decorations. The complex editing option, hence, is essential for advanced productions involving moving objects and other phenomena that require relatively more sophisticated technology.