Meet the Extended Reality

We pioneered change in our rapidly transforming industry with the pandemic. By concentrating our experience and all our capabilities on new generation technologies, we have realized many xR-based virtual activity projects in a short time.

The most important element of every event; impressive and immersive main stage…

Each day since the new normal has made its constant place in our lives allows us to grasp the true worth and versatility of digitalization.  More and more companies, entities, and individuals approach digitalization of event communication as a key to adaptation and actuality. And the extended reality (xR) technology is our best ally to further our satisfaction with this seemingly-new way of planning, organizing, and executing large-scale events on a way more comprehensive level that traditional event mechanisms could have never achieved.

Real Time Processes for Unreal Inspirations

xR or Extended Reality is the combination of AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), IoT (Internet of Things), and MR (mixed reality). Since xR allows us to combine all these technologies in one place, the result stands out more than just an event; it is a splendid show that can please any tech-savvy person from any field of business and commerce.

Benefits of Extended Reality

With xR, the sky’s the limit. The combination of augmented, virtual, and mixed realities within a stage designed with the extended reality technology can encapsulate a ton of information and data in a way that is communicated in seconds through real-time processed images or projections.

Further, there is always room for revisions and additions to the making and content of the event. Since everything is digitally engineered, it seems that the exhausting and cumbersome phase of procurement for an event will be a grievance of the past.

What is AR for Virtual or Hybrid Events?

AR – Augmented reality is the graphics that we can interact with and pretend to live on the virtual scene, space, ambiance presented in online events.

To put it more simply, we can call it flying graphics (onAir graphics), animations.

Benefits of Extended Reality and Augmented Reality

Advance – Complex high expressive power and interactivity with AR design

Speech content in the scene flow, keynote presentations can be supported with 3D and interactive graphics with the narrator. On the other hand, the same effect can be achieved with the screen areas to be opened for live connections.

The narrator can open a screen that is not on the stage with a hand gesture, and can rotate the graphic tables and products in front of him/her.

Along with the graphics, the whole environment can be changed with impressive transition effects, again depending on the context.

Connect to Globe

Globally, Independent of Space and Time

You can include everyone you want to be on the stage of the event in the online broadcast with a single greenbox production. For example, we go to a manager who cannot come to the physical venue where the online live or band event will be held. Thanks to the transfer of the shot we will shoot in front of the greenbox to the xR system, everyone meets at the same place…

With xR technology, people who are not there at the event, just as if they were on the stage, presenter, speaker, decor, etc. It is possible to interact with people and scene elements and be broadcast live in real time. For this, according to the choreography to be created in advance, it is sufficient to register the person or persons in front of a mini greenbox setup where they are.

On the other hand, the participants will be able to participate in the event without making a new production, only with ‘flying windows’ to be opened for live connection.