Visual works telling distinctive stories in each lines.



İstanbul, 2017


Vodafone Commercial Operations Summit

Disciplines Used

3D Motion Desing

Visualization & Simulation

Stage Design

Sound & Light Design

Content Development


Create a design to tell the story for the brand's promises, mission and vision.


The templates we create aim to keep this value alive and increase in the most effective way. We kicked off the Vodafone Commercial Operations Summit 2017 with a new slogan: “The future is exciting. Ready?” and brought the world of near-future technologies to the masses. This story tells the brand’s promises, mission and vision. The strongest value of the brand is its story. We used the middle camber panel as a digital eye and let the world watch from its perspective. The project went through a three-month long drawing and design stage, revising and finalizing through client feedback, before settling on one of four project alternatives. Held in a massive hall with a staging area of 60 by 40 meters and seating for an audience of 2,200, this project was a labor of love. The entire stage was built from scratch over a period of 25 days. The hemisphere in the center of the stage was manufactured from iron with LED’s that can be controlled from the light table hidden in the superstructure.