Visual works telling distinctive stories in each lines.


Coca Cola International


CCI Turkiye Dealer Meeting

Disciplines Used

Content Development


3D Animation

Motion Design

Sound Design


Prepare a creative design In the opening show for CCI distribution teams.


We talked about the Turkey adventure of Coca-Cola, one of the 10 most valuable brands in the world, with a ‘digital love’. In the opening show, we brought the high performance and victories stories of CCI distribution teams across Turkey to the stage. The impressive visuality we prepared using gauze curtains was accompanied by synchronous choreography, sound, and light design. We developed concepts for each of the teams and created layout designs for the product-brand world. We created 3D Coca-Cola worlds. With the green box production, we made before the event, we combined the Coca-Cola Turkey team with the ambiances we designed. The show consisted of two parts. We used a gauze screen in the first episode. In the second part, we continued with LED screens measuring 22,784 x 1,152 pixels.

cci design gorsel 8
cci design gorsel 5
cci design gorsel 6
cci design gorsel 12
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cci design gorsel 10