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QNB Finansbank Commercial Banking Strategy Meeting

An effective method to broadcasts of online events.

Greenbox studio recording + post-production and impressive presentations ready for broadcast.

You are watching a preview of the production solution we implemented in the executive presentations of QNB Finansbank Commercial Banking Strategy Meeting, 2021.

First, we discussed the brief. There was no need for live broadcasting in the stream. Our customer’s priority was to be organized in the most appropriate way, with minimum staff and time, in accordance with the pandemic conditions.

With Greenbox production, we minimized the need for human resources. We have established a mobile greenbox studio in the place that we determined together, suitable for pandemic conditions, also.

Filming for 2 speakers, including rehearsals;

It was completed in 4 hours with a staff of 6 people.

Thanks to our storyboard preparation, the speakers were able to assimilate what kind of environment they would be in and the predicted camera angles and reflected positively on their performances.

The director, who has mastered every detail of the content, was at the head of the set in order to transfer the presentation performance of the speakers to the shoots at the best level.

We managed the script in the most effective way and gained speed with our prompter operator, who directs the flow according to the speaking rate.

We have completed the design pre-processes that continue simultaneously while the registrations are in progress.

Then, AR graphics, interior screens, tables were added enriching the content and the editing was enriched with image and sound effects in order to reach the final visuality.


QNB Finans Bank

İstanbul, 2021

What We Did:

Greenbox Production

Art Direction

Motion Design

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