Visual works telling distinctive stories in each lines.


Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

Ankara, 2018


Week of National Victory

Disciplines Used

Content Development


Motion Design

3D Animation

Sound & Music Design


Free the historical moments from memory and interpret them with a different perspective; Malazgirt and the Turkish War of Independence.


We began with the creation of period-appropriate costumes and talent selection via an expansive study. In this endeavor, 225 exposures were taken with 20 actors, focusing on the emotions likely to be expressed in the scenario. Photogrammetry was used to provide accurate character models and give a historical feel. 360 degree mapping on dome surfaces, immersive video designs created for continuation led screens, interactive visual shows on floor leds and non-standard led screens.

Using 360-degree photography with over 100 cameras capturing simultaneous images with the same exposure values allowed us to capture the finest possible details to then turn these images into three dimensional models. With dozens of actors and hundreds of poses, over 22,000 total photographs were captured. We were tasked with bringing the spirit of the liberation of a nation to life. In order to keep true to the period and stories we told, we lived in the moments and drew all the scenes one by one. Hundreds of cameras were used to shoot simultaneously to create a single figure. We also combined the striking squares we created with dramaturgical composition. In the 360 photo shoots, our actors portrayed the spirit of the period with depth of their emotions, facial expressions and body language.

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