Projection Mapping

Concept, story, creativity, design, technology and the light… For us, the world is a huge canvas.


'Reflections from the children’s world'

Within the scope of the event organized by the European Union Delegation to Turkey, we reflected a very special exhibition of children’s works on the Galata Tower, one of the landmark of Istanbul.


Delegation of the European Union to Turkey / Tourismo

İstanbul, 2021

What We Did:

Content Development


3D Motion Design

Sound Design

Over 100 different 3d plans were designed for the show. 60 different figures and elements in 20 works were animated. 6 mini sculptures were animated by 3d scanning. The music and sound effects were specially composed for this show.

galata ab 3
galata ab 4

We weaved the story with a curator’s attitude. Our aim was to be able to animate the works without disturbing their naivety and to broadcast the world of children’s lives to the whole world with an impressive show…

galata ab 1
galata ab 2