Impressive worlds independent of time and space.


B/S/H/ Global, comeon event management

İstanbul, 2021


German origin, world household appliances – technology giant B/S/H/ Group (Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate), REM (Region of Emerging Markets) Meeting as an online event

Disciplines Used

Virtual Stage Designs

Content Development

Greenbox Production

Opening & Closing Ceremonies


Create a unifying and immersive flow for online meeting that will take place between the ends of the east and west.


Until today, we had to offer more to the audience that came together physically in impressive places with impressive decorations and impressive stages. We recommended XR technology without hesitation. We started the project with an ambiance design that reflects the world of B/S/H/ and can bring different cultures under the same roof. When the different regions’ turn of the stage came, we created a basic B/S/H/ world that could change according to that region’s characteristics. We have designed more than 70 augmented graphics for 4 different B/S/H/ director and manager keynote presentations in this world. We have created virtual flying screens for live connections from outside of Istanbul and abroad within our design world. We carried out greenbox productions before the event for speakers who could not attend live. We processed these productions with visual codes suitable for the flow. For the opening ceremony, we entered the studio with a large orchestra performing Beethoven’s 5th Symphony representing central headquarter of B/S/H/ Germany. We created visual worlds that combine the power of the works with the power of B/S/H/ Group in each music note. In the closing ceremony, musicians and dancers represented the regions joined the same orchestra this time. We worked studiously for the visual world and choreography that turned this multi-voiced, multi-colored show into the official parade of the regions. The acclaimed harmony we achieved throughout such a comprehensive event has been a great motivation for our future XR designs.