Opening Ceremonies

Unforgettable and glorious moments.


ArtNPars prepared the launch of the New Clio 2020 for Renault, visualizing the process of its creation.

ArtNPars teamed up with the TemaCC event agency in Istanbul to prepare the launch of the Renault New Clio 2020. We made use of LED screens in the shape of buildings to paint the stage with Parisian architecture with CG elements.

Using stunning choreography, light, and sound design, we told the story of the creation of the New Clio in five impactful chapters; the birth of the Clio’s design, the production process in the Bursa factory, export to the world, imbuing the Clio with spirit from Turkey, and the final reveal moment.


Renault MAİS / TEMA CC

Antalya, 2020

What We Did:


Content Development

Creative Direction

Stage Design

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