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TİSK / crop experience agency

İstanbul, 2020


TISK commenced Joint Dialogue Forum (OPF) 2020- First virtual forum from XR Studio

Disciplines Used

Content Development

Virtual Stage Design

Greenbox Production

Augmented Graphics

Opening Movie

Keynote Presentations


Realize the first comprehensive virtual forum held with XR technology in Turkey.


The best way to execute such an important forum, also known as the Turkish Davos, was XR. The event started with the opening movie that we prepared with XR technology. We designed 3 different virtual stages for the event. The virtual scene designs were integrated with the unreal engine, the cameras were instantaneously followed, and the green box was broadcast live from the studio in real-time. Studio and camera angles have been optimized to best convey virtual scene compositions. We designed basic, advanced, and complex AR (on-air) graphics customized according to the contents of the different sessions on the main stage, where we kept the motto of the event, “Together Possible”. In the other two scenes, “The Future of Our Business” and “Social Dialogue”, we used AR (onair) graphics as well as floating screens for live connections. We designed the key visual animation for the event.