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'The depth of a leader'

We remember the founder of the Republic of Turkey with respect, gratitude and longing with our urban installation project that aims to reveal the depth of a leader, the difference between looking and seeing… Since the week of 29th October Turkish Republic Day, the installation work brings together the people those passed by Beylikdüzü Square with a portrait of Atatürk as if looking at us from inside the Anıtkabir Museum. The fact that Atatürk sees the Republic of Turkey by looking at a nation is another message that we want to convey with our work, also.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Beylikdüzü Square, Istanbul, 2021

What We Did:

Concept Development

Architecture Design


The portrait is divided into many different layers and spaced out to create perspective. In this way, volume and depth were created allowing the portrait to be a permeable part of the panorama in which it is exhibited. While those who interact with the installation work encounter a different visual unity depending on their point of view when they move they discover that a face is hidden within this unity. And when they come to that single point, sections and layers stand before them as Atatürk’s portrait and begin to give us his message.

ibb ataturk 1
ibb ataturk 2

As ArtNPars, we are proud to exhibit our installation work, which we designed and produced for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, in memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the real designer of the Republic of Turkey.

ibb ataturk 9
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ibb ataturk 8